Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Highway (KLS)

Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Highway (KLS) is the ANIH Berhad’s highway component linking Kuala Lumpur in the north heading south to Sg Besi toll plaza; a span of 10.5 km. The toll plaza is operated by PLUS to provide motorists with a seamless link to the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban component of PLUS highway or Sg Besi Highway. This expressway is part of the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Dispersal Link Scheme.

Toll payment for KLS is collected at Toll Plaza Sg Besi to cover the use of KLS.

Year opened : 1995
Length : 10.5 km
Toll system : Open
No. of tolls/toll plazas : 3
Project cost : RM271 million
Concession duration : 1995-2018 (23 years)